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WATTS® Extruded Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

WATTS® Extruded Carbon Block Filter Cartridges
Item# WCBCS975

Product Description

WATTS® Extruded Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

Top-of-the-line coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odor and sediment reduction.

Thick wall carbon construction for superior performance. Low cost for economy!

• Competitively priced! • Outperform GAC cartridges four ways: 1. Superior chlorine reduction 2. Lower pressure drop. 3. Will not channel 4. Lower cost • Media wrap between center tube and carbon block to reduce carbon fines. • 100% Coconut shell Carbon. • Up to 99% chlorine reduction*. • FDA grade components & materials

Recommended Flow Rate Maximum operating pressure: 125 PSIG Operating temperature: 50° F to 125° F 10° C to 52° C

*Performance tested @ flow with 2ppm chlorine.

Part Number OD Length GPM

WCBCS975 2.5” 9-3/4” 1 GPM WCBCS20 2.5” 20” 2 GPM WCBCFF975 4.5” 9-3/4” 4 GPM WCBCFF20 4.5” 20” 8 GPM