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ETREAT No Salt Water Conditioner

ETREAT No Salt Water Conditioner

Water Conditioning Systems Using No-Salt Technology

Put your water system on a "salt free diet" with e-treat™ water conditioning systems!

With E-Treat systems you great tasting, conditioned water for every tap in your house, with no salt, no scale, no chlorine, no electricity and no wasted water!

How it works: E-Treat systems use two technologies and a two-step treatment process to provide top quality, conditioned water without salt and without wasting water. it's a two-step process:

Step #1 - Pre-filter Activated carbon is used to reduce:

• Chlorine • Tastes • Odors • Organics

Step #2

During the second treatment process our highly effective ScaleNet® media is used to provide anti-scale treatment to the water. ScaleNet lowers the potential for scale formation and removes existing scale, over time.

With E-Treat Systems, the only moving part is your water!

Two technologies for proven results

Granular Activated carbon

Granular activated carbon, which is well known for its exceptional adsorption ability, is used to reduce chlorine, taste, odors and organics. The carbon also extends the life of the anti-scale media.

Scalenet® Anti-scale media

ScaleNet, our proprietary anti-scale media is used during the final treatment process to transform Calcium and Magnesium ions into nano crystals, which are stable and cannot attach to pipes and heat exchanger components. The crystals are so small they easily rinse away with the water flow.

Warranty: E-Treat systems come with a five year limited warranty on the mineral tank and in / out valve.


1. No salt! One E-Treat system eliminates 650 pounds of salt per year, compared to a conventional softener with metered valve.

2. No wasted water! E-Treat systems conserve water. We estimate one system saves 6,000 gallons of water a year, compared to a water softener with metered valve.

3. No electricity! E-Treat systems are non-electric, saving energy. Also, there’s no need to reset a meter or time clock, should service be interrupted.

4. No chlorine! With E-treat, there's no chlorine, no bad tastes and no foul odors

5. No scale! During our two-step process water is treated with our highly effective ScaleNet media to reduce the potential for scale formation in pipes and plumbing fixtures

State of CA Approved Salt-Free Alternative!

Your water

Access to quality water is limited, and conditions will most likely get worse due to population growth, changes in the environment and greater industrial activity, near where people live. Water quality also depends on the source of your water, if you get your water from well or municipal supply.

Well water

If your water comes from a private or community well, you may experience a number of water quality problems, including

1. Water Hardness

2. Rotten egg Odors

3. Iron Stains

4. Musty Odors

5. Harmful Bacteria

6. Arsenic

Municipal water

If you get your water from a municipality, most likely disinfection has been provided to ensure your water is safe to drink. However, consumers on a municipal supply say they are concerned about Chlorine, taste, odors, lead and other contaminants.

1. Chlorine Taste & Odor

2. Contaminanats

3. Lead