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255 w/762 OR 760 Enhanced Demand Control w/cover

255 w/762 OR 760 Enhanced Demand Control w/cover
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Product Description

The Logix 760 demand controller - This economy model demand control will set a new standard for simple and efficient controllers. The 760 includes single programming, with a 28-day variable reserve feature and the ability to change the time of regeneration. This cost-effective controller is a great for residential and light commercial applications up to 3 ft3 of resin.

The Logix 762 demand controller - This control has been enhanced for C&I applications. The 762 offers fully-programmable cycle times, salt setting in 1-pound increments, as well as the Maintenance Interval feature. This controller will work on all GE Water Technologies valves from the three quarter-inch 255 all the way up to the sixinch AquaMatic valve-nest system.

762 Demand

Same features as the 760, plus:

• Fully programmable cycle times

• Salt setting in 1-pound increments

• Optional no-salt detector

• Operates 255, 263, 268, 278, and Magnum IT with one controller