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No-Salt Water Conditioning Systems-DO THEY REALLY WORK??

No-Salt Water Conditioning Systems-DO THEY REALLY WORK??

Glass Water Systems has over 50 years of combined experience in the water treatment, conditiong, and softening industry. With the increased consciousness in California of water softeners and their use of salt, water, and electricity, we have seen the rise of No-Salt Water Conditioners.

The main question people have is do they work. We will talk about three different types of No Salt Water Conditioning Systems. We will talk about how they work, and if they truly work.

#1: Electronic No Salt Water Conditioning System

How it works?

These systems use electronic frequencies to physically change the shape and charge of the minerals in water, which prevents scale build-up. The main elements that cause hardness and scale build-up are Magnesium and Calcium.

Does it work?

No, and this is why. These are merely units that pulse electricity through wires wrapped around pipes. In theory the amount of power to accomplish this would be incredible. These are merely 110 volt pieces of equipment that do nothing but waste power.

Glass Water Systems had three examples of this system failing in place of water softeners. In addition, these examples all were on city water with no iron and a hardness level well below 20 grains per gallon. Here are the examples:

One: Fine dining restaurant, St. Petersburg Florida

The owner had owned and operated restaurants for over 20 years. He had purchased numerous water softeners and thousands of pounds of salt. He was approached with an opportunity to get rid of salt and water softeners. He took the risk and had Glass Water discontinue our service. The electronic water conditioner was installed and he was promised great results. Obviously this did not happen and within 2 months we were called to start service again.

In two months he had ruined glasses, dishes, fixtures, dish machines, and appliances. He said, “take this piece of **** out of my restaurant.”

Two: Holiday Inn, Wesley Chapel, Florida

The owner had operated numerous hotels in the area for several years. He was approached when building this hotel with the electronic water conditioner. He saw that it was fairly simple, low maintenance, and used no salt. It was a no brainer. It was a no brainer if it worked. It did not and after several months he started replacing linens, fixtures, and seeing damage to his washing machines. The final straw was he had to replace his commercial boiler. After that he removed the electronic water conditioner and replaced it with a commercial water softener.

Three: Glass Water Systems 1st Office Tampa, Florida

We decided to try this unit after being approached numerous times by the manufacturer. We installed it on our office and after 2 months we noticed scaling on our display faucets and spotting on the bathroom fixtures. After further review we decided to cut open the pipes and saw scale inside them. We immediately uninstalled the electronic water conditioner and never recommended it.

Based on this information we are confident to say these systems do not work. In addition, if we could make $800 - $1000 on a piece of equipment that is easy to install we would. THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK – DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

#2 Scale Prevention Medias

How it works?

These systems are also simple. They us a special media designed to change the actual properties of the hardness minerals (Calcium and Magnesium). The water passes through a bed of media and after that the water is changed. These systems do no use electricity, have no waste water, and are maintenance free for approximately 5 years.

Does it work?

Yes, these systems work well on water that does not have chlorine, iron, and a hardness levels of more than 20 grains per gallon. These systems are just now starting to be recognized. The downside is they need a period of no water flow to allow the bed to recover. Another weakness is the extreme up front cost and the maintenance when changing the bed is expensive. These systems still have a lot to prove to society before they replace the traditional water softeners.

#3 Water Softener with a KLIFE or Potassium Chloride

How it works?

This is the same principle as a water softener in fact it is the exact same equipment. The only difference is it uses potassium chloride to regenerate itself and needs to use more of each time.

Does it work?

Yes, this works as well as a water softener. The only downside is the cost of potassium chloride. Over the past 10 years the price has gone through the roof. Otherwise, this unit works very well.

In conclusion, people have been looking for no salt systems for over 20 years. There are some systems that do work but not as well as the traditional water softener. In my opinion do not purchase an electronic water conditioner.

If you have purchased one and you want a new water softener emails Matthew Glass at the links below. I will give you $25 - $100 for you used electronic water conditioner. This can only be used to purchase an actual system that works.


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