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Water Analysis ***FREE***

Water Analysis ***FREE***
Item# WAF

Product Description

Glass Water Systems believes it is very important to match the right equipment with the correct water problem.

Therefore, we offer a ***FREE WATER ANALYSIS***.

The only consideration we ask is the you give us the chance to sell, install, or service your water needs.

Follow the directions below:

1. Download the PDF form below and fill out the form. Put the form with your water sample. This will allow us to help size and determine the proper equipment.

2. Draw a sample from your tap water or well water after letting it run for a few minutes. With well water let the well turn on before drawing your sample.

3. Fill completely at least on 16 fluid oz bottle. This is the most common size for bottled water.

4. Tape the cap on securely and put in a box.

5. Mail the sample to:

Glass Water Systems

Attn.: Lab

9402 US 92 #106

Tampa, Florida 33610