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Item# 50GARNET

Product Description

Garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filter media. It is normally used as the lower (final) filtration layer of a multi-bed down flow filtration problem. In a single media granular filter such as a sand filter, the material will hydraulically classify during backwash according to granual size, the smallest rinsing to the top. When water flows downward through the sand, the fine particles at the top of the bed do most of the straining of the sediment. The solids form a cake on the surface with filtration typically taking place in the top few inches. As the cake forms, the filtration becomes finer and head loss increases exponentially in time.

The ideal situation would be to have the large grains of media at the top to trap the large solids and a uniformly decreasing grain at the bottom to do the final polishing. The penetration of the solids storage, longer filter runs and higher filtration rates.

Multi-Media filtration technology is applicable to both water and wastewater treatment. Custom designed filters with varying filter bed configurations can be designed to meet specific needs. For the majority of municipal and industrial water supply applications, a filter bed composed of 55 percent low-density material, 30 percent medium density material, and 15 percent high-density material is recommended. Garnet sized per requirements, is the ideal high density material.