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Autotrol 255 Valve with 460i Electronic Demand Controller with Cover

Autotrol 255 Valve with 460i Electronic Demand Controller with Cover
Item# 255460
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Product Description

Autotrol™ 255 Series – 3/4-inch ports

Easy on the water

Efficient valve design decreases the amount of water required for regeneration.

Do not disturb Tank adapter permits disconnection from valve without disturbing the resin bed.

A steady stream 3/4-inch port opening provides good softener flow performance.

A clear view Includes a clear-sight air check for easy brine line troubleshooting.

Designed to monitor water usage and regenerate at just the right time to maximize efficiency while minimizing salt and water consumption. The Autotrol’s 460i Electronic Demand Control is the intelligent water conditioning choice. The 255 Valve features a rugged, robust, re-engineered design that uses less water, runs quieter and lasts longer. A good system paired with the 460i Control provides conditioning efficiency that automatically adjusts to water demands and ensures continuous conditioned water with substantial savings on both salt and water. Includes a Sight Glass Air Check, Turbine meter, Long Rinse Cam and is CSA Approved. Less cover, (uses ATI-LID).