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Carbon Filter System-Freight Not Included

Carbon Filter System-Freight Not Included
Activated Carbons Granular Activated Carbon constitutes an excellent filtration media, having a high density with a balanced pore-structure for more efficient absorption. One of the most common applications for Activated Carbon is the removal of the undesirable taste present in many chlorinated water supplies. This taste is the result of the formation of chlorophenols, often present in raw waters which contained phenols and were subsequently treated with chlorine. These phenols are usually the product of industrial wastes. Even 0.1 ppm of chlorophenols can result in an undesirable taste. Ac ti vat ed Carbon has for many years been successful in the absorption of orthochlorophenol and the removal of free chlorine from water supplies. The end product is clean, fresh water with no objectionable tastes. Activated Carbon requires only periodic backwashing to eliminate accumulated suspended matter and to re-grade the filter bed. Activated Carbon has an extremely high capacity but must be replaced when the filter bed loses the capacity for removal of taste and odor. To obtain maximum efficiency of the activated carbon in the absorption process, it is best to have the greatest possible surface area in the smallest practical volume. This is because the rate of absorption is proportional to the amount of surface area of the absorbing medium media. Activated Carbon has a surface area of 800 sq. meters per gram. This results in high efficiency and system economy. When considering Activated Carbon for taste, odor and color removal applications, it is necessary that the influent be relatively free of iron for maximum service life. It is also necessary that the influent be free from oil and other suspended matter, as these constituents may reduce the overall efficiency of the activated carbon

Advantages: • The large surface area results in an exceptionally high capacity and effi ciency. Activated Carbon is very hard so losses due to attrition are kept to a minimum • Activated Carbon is an outstanding material for applications requiring taste, odor and color removal from water with suspended matter present. This product can be used for fi ltering waters having a wide range of pH levels. • Activated Carbon has a very high carbon-low ash content. Service rates of 5 gpm/sq. ft. are practical for ordinary taste, odor and color loads • Activated Carbon will import a high “polish” to the filtered water

Physical Properties:

Color .....Black

Form ......granular

Density ...33 lbs./cu. ft.

Water Soluble less than 0.5%

Iodine# ....800

Abrasion# ....75 min.

Meets AWWA Standard .......B604-74

Conditions for Operation:

1. Water to be filtered should preferably be free of oil and suspended matter 2. Water to be filtered should be free of oil and turbidity for life in taste, odor and color removal. pH ...wide range Bed Depth.... 26 - 30 in. Backwash Rate ................. 8 -10 gpm Backwash Bed Expansion ........30 - 40% of bed depth Service Flow Rate .........5 gpm/sq. ft.

Activated Carbons 12 x 40 is an excellent fi ltration medium with excellent adsorptive properties. Used for the removal of taste and odors, chlorine, etc. Periodic backwashing is required in down-fl ow fi lters. Maximum carbon life is usually three years.