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Item# 25101MG

Product Description

10x44 resin tank 10x15 Pot Perm tank 1.0 cubic feet of MANGANESE GREENSAND 5 gpm service flow rate 4 gpm backwash flow rate Floor Space Required is 21x14x56 Shipping Weight is 140 lbs

Iron, manganese and sulfur are oxidized and removed from your water, protecting your plumbing and eliminating ugly staining and unpleasant tastes and odors.

How the System Works

The system consists of three major components: a backwashable filter containing oxygen charged manganese greensand, a chemical feeder which delivers an accurately measured volume of potassium permanganate solution for each regeneration and either a calendar clock or meter initiated control valve which governs the operation of the system.

As water passes through the filter bed, it comes in contact with the oxygen charged media. This causes iron, manganese and sulfur to oxidize. The undesirable compounds are then trapped in the filter bed. Eventually the oxygen in the filter becomes depleted and regeneration is necessary. Regeneration takes place during the night while you sleep. First, backwashing cleans the filter bed, then concentrated potassium permanganate solution is passed through it, recharging the bed with oxygen. Two rapid rinses remove any remaining potassium and a volume of water is returned to the feeder to dissolve enough potassium permanganate for the next regeneration. All functions are performed automatically

Automatic calendar clock The standard model features a twelve day (5600 or 2510) calendar clock control valve which regenerates automatically at pre-set intervals according your family’s estimated water use.

Money saving demand regeneration The money saving control valve includes a metering system which meters your water use and regenerates only when needed. That can mean chemical and water savings of up to 50%.

Features Five year warranty on 5600 and 2510 Noryl control valve with five cycle operation Adjustable cycles on the 2510 control increase operating efficiency by improving backwash effectiveness and by saving water Heavy duty mineral tanks with ten year warranty Strong, durable Noryl valve body with designer enclosure on the 2510. Optional bypass valve for ease of installation and service Optional insulated tank jacket to reduce condensation NOTE: Potassium Permanganate sold separately

Minerals such as iron, sulfur and manganese often contaminate water supplies. Removal of iron, manganese and sulfur is simple and reliable with our 5600 or 2510 iron and sulfur filters. Your customers will enjoy crystal clear, odor free drinking water, clean stain-free laundry and sparkling bathroom fixtures. The iron, manganese and sulfur are oxidized and removed from your water, protecting and eliminating ugly staining and unpleasant odors. Our Iron and Sulfur filters use Manganese Greensand media, regenerated with a Potassium Permanganate Feeder. The Potassium Permanganate is available in either a single 10 lb. container or a 20 lb. twin-pack (for shipments via UPS).