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FLECK 2510 3/4 Inch KDF85 Iron / Hydrogen Sulfide Filter .5 Cu Ft

FLECK 2510 3/4 Inch KDF85 Iron / Hydrogen Sulfide Filter .5 Cu Ft
Item# 2510KDF8550

Product Description

9x48 resin tank 0.50 cubic feet of KDF 85 7 gpm service flow rate 13 gpm backwash flow rate Floor Space Required is 12x14x56 Shipping Weight is 180 lbs

KDF® 85 process medium is an effective iron (ferrous) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S)removal agent that may be used alone or to protect existing water filtration/purification technologies in point-of-entry treatment of groundwater supplies. This unique, innovative and environmentally responsible medium consists of high purity copper-zinc granules that use redox (the exchange of electrons) in patented products to effectively reduce/remove iron and hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals and control microorganisms in potable water. KDF 85 medium permits removal of iron and H2S without the use of chemicals. Whats more, KDF 85 medium is highly efficient and tank size requirements are modest for more economical system engineering and installation. This bulletin describes the use of KDF 85 medium in residential (whole house), commercial, institutional, and light industrial buildings and facilities with potable water service flows in a range from 3 to 324 gallons per minute with maximum iron and H2S concentrations of 5 ppm mgl.

Medium Requirements and System Sizing Easily the most critical aspect of pressure filter performance is the relationship of flow rate to surface of KDF 85 process medium. Inaccurate sizing is the most common reason for trouble in filter systems. The nominal flow rate in the service cycle depends on surface area available. For most types of filter media, the service flow rate must not exceed five gallons per minute (gpm) per square foot of surface area, with at least a 30-inch filter bed depth. Service flow rates with KDF 85 process medium, however, may be calculated at 15 gpm per square foot of surface area. This is three times the effective flow rate of other filter media.

In electrochemical reduction processes, small amounts of oxides are formed when KDF 85 process medium is used in pointof-entry (POE) water treatment systems. These oxides must be periodically backwashed. For backwash rates of 3 to 25 gpm, use a high quality 3 cycle backwash valve (service, backwash, purge). One with a high-flow backwash mode is best. For 36 to 324 gpm, use a diaphragm nest valve. Remember to remove any restrictors. Select a distributor based on backwash flow rate. For 3 to 25 gpm, use a felt or fine slotted distributor and for 36 to 324 gpm, use a hub and lateral distributor. Time the backwash cycle for ten minutes and purge for three minutes. Backwash daily or more frequently if necessary, depending upon the quality of the groundwater supply. If more backwashing is required, repeat the entire cycle. However, do not allow the backwash time to extend beyond ten minutes. Backwash flow rates are a function of backwash water temperature; type, size and density of media; and the specific design of the pressure filter. KDF 85 process medium has a density of 171 pounds per cubic foot, which makes it a very high density medium requiring a backwash flow rate of 30 gpm/ft2. KDF 85 medium requires 30 gallons per minute per square foot of bed surface area. Very cold water requires somewhat lower backwash rates and warmer water requires higher rates. Do not restrict pipe size to the drain. Note: If backwashing procedures are not properly followed, KDF process media may become fouled. For proper cleaning techniques, contact KDF’s Technical Department.