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FloMag® PWT Granular Magnesium Oxide .66 Cu Ft

FloMag® PWT Granular Magnesium Oxide .66 Cu Ft

Product Description

By neutralizing the free carbon dioxide in water, FloMag® can correct red water conditions and render it to a noncorrosive condition. FloMag®, being a reactive magnesium oxide, is used most effectively where pH correction is substantial or high flow conditions are in use. FloMag®, being soluble to acidity, will have to be re plen ished periodically. Please note, under certain low flow conditions, FloMag® may overcorrect and create a basic condition. FloMag® can be effectively combined with Calcite to combine the high flow neutralization properties of FloMag®, along with the slower reacting low flow properties of Calcite reducing potentially high basic properties due to over correction.

Physical Properties: Color Grayish White Density 75lbs./cu. ft. Effective Size 1.27 mm Uniformity Coefficient 1.48 Active Material (%) 84-90 Composition - MgO 97% minimum Conditions for Operation: 1. Downflow service is satisfactory on waters with a hardness of less than 5 gr./gal. or where it’s combined with Calcite at least 50-50. Upflow service is generally recommended with hardness exceeding 5 gr./gal. to prevent “cementing of the mineral bed.” 2. A gravel support bed is recommended. 3. pH - 4-6 4. Bed Depth - 24-30 in. 5. Backwash frequently to prevent possible cementing. 6. Backwash Bed Expansion - 35% of bed depth. 7. Service Rate - 5-6 gpm/sq. ft.,but may be modifi ed to adapt to local conditions. 8. Backwash Rate - 8-12 gpm/sq. ft.

FloMag® can be mixed with Calcite to treat waters as low as 4.0 pH. Upfl ow fi lters are recommended unless the water is under fi ve grains hard. A minimum of 50% Calcite is recommended to prevent cementing.