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Logix Retrofit Kit - 255 Valve 440i to 740

Logix Retrofit Kit - 255 Valve 440i to 740
Item# LRK255
TANK DIAMETER SIZE:  Cord:  TIMER ASSEMBLY:  Injector Part 12:  Cap Injector Part 13:  Refill Control, Flow Button Style Part 14:  Refill Control, Ball Cone Style Part 15:  Ball Part 16:  Backash Control Part 17:  Flapper Valve Disk Kit: 

Product Description

The Logix Retrofit Kit Allows you to turn you 440I Timer into a digital controller 740 OR 742 SERIES. You can also up grade your 460 controller to a 760 or 762 SERIES. The following parts are for the conversion:

740 and 760 Series Parts:

1 Cover 2 Cable, Optic Sensor/Motor 3 Logix Control 4 Meter Cable, (760/762 only) 5 Optic Sensor 6 Camshaft 7 Screw, Top Plate 8 Spring 9 Top Plate 10 Rivet, Plastic Motor Assembly 11 Motor Assembly