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Logix Retrofit Kit - 255 Valve Instructions

Logix Retrofit Kit - 255 Valve Instructions
Assembly Instructions 1. Place system into bypass and depressurize system by forcing the back flapper open.

2. Disconnect power to existing control.

3. Remove existing control, camshaft, top plate, refill flow control, and injector.

4. Install appropriate refill flow control and injector (see Table 1 for reference).

5. Install the Logix top plate onto the valve body.

6. Two sets of top plate screws are included in the kit. It is important that the replacement screws match the original top plate screws. Use of improper screws will result in stripped valve body screw holes. To properly install the screws:

• Place a screw into the hole. Rotate the screw backwards until the threads jump.

• Rotate the screw into the existing threads. It is important that new threads are not cut in the valve body.

• Tighten. Use the top plate screw tightening sequence to correctly install and tighten the screws (Figure 1).

7. Install the top plate spring (Figure 2).

8. Insert the optical sensor (Figure 3).

9. Assemble the camshaft to the top plate. Ensure that the arrow molded on the camshaft cup is facing up (Figure 4).

10. Install the 12V drive motor.

11. Install the optical sensor cable to the back of the Logix control and connect the wiring to the drive motor.

12. (760 and 762 Demand Controls Only) Install the meter cable to the outlet of the valve body and connect the meter cable to the back of the Logix control.

13. Route all cabling through both clips on the top plate (Figure 5).

14. Connect the AC adapter cable to the back of the Logix control.

15. Install the Logix control onto the top plate.

16. Plug the AC adapter into a 120V power source. The Logix control will display ERR 3 as it automatically cycles to the home position.

17. The ERR 3 message will clear when the control reaches the home position. The Logix control can now be programmed. See the Programming Section in the Owners Manual.