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Non Electric Manual Backwash Carbon Filter System 1-4 Cu Ft Capacity

Non Electric Manual Backwash Carbon Filter System 1-4 Cu Ft Capacity
Item# NECBW12
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Product Description

This uses a manual backwashing filter that will allow you to clean your carbon bed whenever you choose. We recommend at least once a week. This unit consists of

1. Manual Backwash Head 2. Carbon Media 1 cu ft, 1.5 Cu Ft, 2 Cu Ft, 2.5 Cu Ft, 3 Cu Ft., 3.5 Cu Ft, 4 Cu Ft 3. Tank 9x48, 10x54, 12x48, 13x54, 14x65, 16x65 4. Distributor Basket 5. Gravel Underbedding 6. Stainless Steel Bypass 3/4" or 1"

Activated Carbon A porous solid in powder, extrudate or granular form, produced from any base material which as a high percentage of carboneaous content, ie: wood, nut pits or shell, animal bone, hydrocarbon sludge, peat, lignite, bituminous coal and anthracite coal. Advantages: The porosity of activated carbon offers an extremely high surface area to volume mass ratio. 2.2 pounds at 1,000 square meters per gram, a good typical carbon, has about the same surface as 100 miles of two lane highway. Carbon absorbs organic compounds which produce taste, odor, color or toxicity. Reduces free chlorine.

Highly Effective and Economical Filter Medium for Dechlorination and Trace Dissolved Organic Removal Used in Water Treatment Where High Quality Water is Desired

Calgon Carbon Corporations GW 12 x 40 granular activated carbon is a filter medium designed for efficient dechlorination and removal of trace dissolved organics from water supplies, including those causing taste and odors. The effectiveness and economy of water treatment equipment using GW 12 x 40 carbon have resulted in wide acceptance in food processing and beverage industries, where dechlorination and dissolved organic removal are of prime importance. This carbon is also used in steam generating plants to produce high quality makeup water. Advantages and Benefits Economical to use - Particle size, high surface area and high density of GW 12 x 40 carbon result in long filter life, providing maximum assurance against chlorine breakthrough and an extended service period for removing dissolved organics from water.

Provides long-lasting protection - The high surface area of this product, approximately 900 square meters per gram (N2-BETmethod), effectively removes a wide range of dissolved organics over a long period of time. Produced under rigidly controlled conditions by high temperature steam activation, GW 12 x 40 carbon provides a pore structure with optimum characteristics for removing dissolved organics to produce high quality potable water.

Superior hardness - GW 12 x 40 carbon is made from selected grades of bituminous coal combined with suitable binders to give superior hardness for long life.

Suitable for backwashing - The high density and hardness of GW 12 x 40 carbon allows rapid wetting and makes it suitable for effective backwashing with minimum losses. For the purpose of estimating the volume of GW 12 x 40 carbon in systems utilizing backwash procedures, GW 12 x 40 carbon has a backwashed and settled bulk density of approximately 29 pounds per cubic foot.

Dechlorination of Water The properties of GW 12 x 40 granular carbon offer superior dechlorination efficiency. In most water treatment applications, a bed of GW 12 x 40 will provide dechlorination of the water for periods varying between one and three years. Dechlorination efficiencies are significantly improved at higher water temperatures and lower pH values. The presence of some organic impurities does not affect dechlorination performance, while other impurities can lower efficiency significantly. The performance of GW 12 x 40 for dechlorination will depend on the conditions of treatment and the water supply treated. As a manufacturer of water conditioning equipment, you can assist your customer in estimating dechlorination efficiency based on his operation and the water supply being treated.

Bypass Optional - We use a standard H patter 3 valve bypass with these control valves.