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Plastomer Bottom Diffuser Assemblies 2" BOTTOM DIFFUSER ASSEMBLIES

Plastomer Bottom Diffuser Assemblies 2" BOTTOM DIFFUSER ASSEMBLIES
Item# DIF224

Product Description

Designed for Hub & Lateral or Header Lateral systems in softeners, fi lters, deionizers, dealkalizers and other water treatment applications. Plastomer Hub & Lateral systems offer highly effi cient distribution and collection of water and regenerants in water processing equipment. The laterals utilize a pipe core with openings designed and arranged to distribute water throughout the entire length of the lateral, providing a uniform fl ow. This helps prevent channeling in the media bed during service. The pipe core has a thick molded beam and ring reinforcing for strength. Individual screen segments, featuring self cleaning v-slots, are engineered to couple with each other and are installed over the pipe core creating a lateral much stronger than that of slotted pipe.

Includes bottom diffuser and 2" PVC female adapter, order 2" PVC riser pipe separately