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Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance
Inspect and clean brine tank and screen filter on end of

brine pickup tube once a year or when sediment appears in

the bottom of the brine tank.

Clean injector screen and injector once a year: 1. Unplug the wall-mount transformer.

2. Shut off water supply or put bypass valve(s) into bypass position.

3. Relieve system pressure by opening valve No. 5 (at rear) with a screwdriver.

4. Using a screwdriver, remove injector screen and injector cap (Figure 16).

5. Clean screen using a fine brush. Flush until clean.

6. Using a needle-nose pliers, pull injector straight out.

7. Flush water into the injector screen recess of the valve body to flush debris out through the injector recess.

8. Clean and flush the injector.

9. Lubricate the O-rings on the injector, injector cap and injector screen with silicone lubricant.

10. Reinstall the injector, injector cap and injector screen. See IMPORTANT note.

11. Plug the wall-mount transformer into outlet; reset time of day.

12. Slowly open water supply valve or return bypass valve(s) to the “not in bypass” position.

IMPORTANT: Do not overtighten the plastic cap. Seat the cap lightly into position. Overtightening may cause breakage of the plastic cap that may not be immediately evident