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Structural Universal Poly 40 Gallon Retention Tank 16 x 56

Structural Universal Poly 40 Gallon Retention Tank 16 x 56
Item# UT40
Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves: 

Product Description

WellMates quick connect design for the top connection on UT Tanks is molded from an engineered thermoplastic eliminating the need for a 2-1/2 threaded connection. This inlet allows for a variety of plumbing adapters from 1 to 1-1/4 in plastic, brass, threaded, sweat or socket.

The standard adapter included is 1 & 1-1/4 PVC Socket Connector. This uses the same quick connect fittings as the Fleck 7000 Control Valve. Optional Quick Connectors are available in the Control Valve section.

Seamless inner shell molded of FDA and/or NSF grade polyethyelene provieds impact and corrosion resistance.

IMPORTANT - Polyglass tanks are designed to withstand pressure but they will collapse if subjected to a vacuum. A vacuum breaker should always be installed to prevent tank damage.


Vacuum Relief Valve
Vacuum Relief Valve
Vacuum Relief Valve N36 M1, 3/4"
Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve
Relief Valve, Inlet/Outlet 3/4 In, MNPT x FNPT Connection, Material of Construction Brass, Pressure Range 50 To 175 PSI, Spring Material Stainless Steel, Temp Range 0 To 180 F,