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TO REPLACE TIMER 1. Unplug electrical cord from outlet.

2. Turn off water supply to conditioner:

a. If the conditioner installation has a “three valve” by-pass system, first open the valve in the bypass line, then close the valves at the conditioner inlet and outlet.

b. If the conditioner has an integral by-pass valve, put it in the by-pass position.

c. If there is only a shut-off valve near the conditioner inlet, close it.

3. Relieve water pressure in the conditioner by putting the control in the backwash position momentarily. Return the control to the service position.

4. Pull cable out of meter cover. Remove the control valve back cover.

5. Remove screw and washer at drive yoke. Remove timer mounting screws. The entire timer assembly will now lift off easily.

6. Put new timer on top of valve. Be sure drive pin on main gear engages slot in drive yoke (rotate control knob if necessary).

7. Replace timer mounting screws. Replace screw and washer at drive yoke.

8. Return by-pass or inlet valving to normal service position. Water pressure should now be applied to the conditioner, and any by-pass line shut off.

9. Plug electrical cord into outlet.

10. Set time of day, program wheel, and salt usage. Cycle the control valve manually to assure proper function. Make sure the control valve is returned to the service position.

11. Replace the control valve back cover. Be sure grommet at cable hole is in place.

12. Make sure there is enough brine in the brine tank.

13. Rotate program wheel counter-clockwise until it stops at regeneration position.

14. Start regeneration cycle manually if water is hard.

15. Plug cable into meter cover, rotate cable to align drive flat if necessary.